Jim Thompson's Original Songs


by Jim Thompson
© 1982 James D. Thompson

Rachel, you're a flower
You're the sunshine after showers
You're a leaf that is changing with the seasons
You're a bird, you're a star
If it's beautiful that's what you are
And you'll grow and you'll live without reasons.

I'm a man who you once knew
You're a girl that I threw
Into the air and for a moment you were flying
I'm not sure just what I am
Wish I was happy as a clam
I just wanted you to know that I'm trying.

Rachel, you're a wave
Traveling on the sea for days
Rising high and strong when the wind blows
You will move from shore to shore
Never being quite what you were before
Until you burst into a spray of rainbows.

Rachel, you're the moon
A caterpillar in a cocoon
And someday soon you'll be a butterfly
You can climb the highest tree
If it's beautiful then that's what you'll be
And you'll be happy as the years all flutter by.

     Jim Thompson's Original Songs